How Do I Delete My Gofundme?

After making the fundraiser, click the Edit option and click the option to delete.Type “delete” into the form as confirmation.Click Delete fundraiser.

How do I delete my GoFundMe?

1. Edit and Settings.2. Click the option to Delete fundraiser.3. Type “delete” into the form.4. Click Delete fundraiser.

How do I cancel my GoFundMe? is a website where people post their fundraising campaigns. You can find them via the link in this video. is where they are going to get all the money raised for this, so you have to cancel the fundraiser before you raise any money on your own.

Why would a GoFundMe be deactivated?

If your GoFundMe campaign has been suspended for violation of our Terms of Service, you may only share with people you have approved in advance.

How long does it take GoFundMe to deposit?

When you send money through GoFundMe it typically takes about 2-5 days to get to your bank account, but if it’s been over 5 days, contact your bank with the transaction details to make sure it has arrived.

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