How Do I Delete My Google Family Link?

On your Android phone or tablet. Tap Menu and at the top left, tap Family Link. From Family group, at top right, tap More and tap Delete family. Tap Delete.

How do I delete my Google family link?

1. If on your Android phone or tablet.2. Tap Family Link.3. At the top left, tap on Menu.4. At Family group.5. At the top right.6. Tap the More Delete family group.7. Tap to Delete.

How do I uninstall the Family Link app?

Now, open the Family Link app in the list of apps and tap on its icon. Choose the option Uninstall Application if you want to remove it or press Delete App to delete both Family Link and any associated data.

How do I remove the Family link without parents knowing?

If you have Family Link set up on your child’s Android or iOS phone or tablet, then go to the menu and tap on the Remove Account button. On the next screen, tap on the Remove Account button again If you don’t remove Family Link from your child’s phone, then they can’t sign in in Gmail.

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