How Do I Delete My Hay Day Farm?

On your device: 1) Log out of both Facebook and Google Plus. 2) Uninstall Hayday 3) Reboot your phone. 4) Reinstall Hayday using the app store on your phone.

How do I clear my hay day cache?

But, I can’t access HAYDAY after factory resetting, clearing the cache, removing cokies, rebooting my phone.

How do you delete game data on iPhone?

go to settings > App Store > iCloud and select Manage Storage. Look at the list of apps that backup data on iCloud. Find the game. Delete all information, as this action will remove all game data from all Apple ID linked devices. A caution message appears saying “you are about to delete game data”.

Is there any cheats for Hay Day?

The truth is that there are no genuine Hay Day cheat codes that work. The companies that ask you to do this are taking advantage of you.

How do I unlink Hay Day from Facebook?

Then tap Settings, then Apps and Websites and remove the app or website by pressing the button below the apps or websites.

How do I delete my Hay Day farm IOS?

How do I get rid of Hay day on my iPhone? Go to the Settings page and choose Help & Support. After that, select Contact Us, then select Reason for wanting to delete Hay day.

Can you reset a game on iPhone?

If you want to restore your game on your iPhone, you can either delete and reinstall the game, or delete it from iCloud.

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