How Do I Delete My Imvu Account From My Phone?

Log in or try IMVU.Enter the password.Go to the Delete Account page.Click your Continue.Thanks for using IMVU. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

How do I delete my IMVU account from my phone?

Go to the IMVU Account Closing page. Enter your password. Go to the Delete Account page. Click your Continue. Congratulations for using IMVU. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

How do I permanently delete my IMVU account?

You must enter your password and e-mail to delete your account. If you go to profile page privacy and select “delete my account” a box will appear to confirm “Do you really want to delete this account?” The user must select “Yes” if the information is correct.

Can I disable my account from my phone?

Press the phone’s back button to open Settings, and tap Accounts. Tap an account to open its settings or remove it.

Does IMVU delete accounts?

Old, inactive accounts are deleted in order to keep the site clean and simple.

How do I temporarily disable my IMVU account?

There is no option to deactivate an IMVU account. You can only choose between keeping the account active or disabling it.

Is IMVU dangerous?

The social media network IMVU has raised $77 million since its conception in 2004 from five investors such as the author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries.

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