How Do I Delete My Instacart Shopper Account?

Please select “Contact Us” at the bottom of your shopping cart to continue to your shopping cart page. You may also call 1-888-246-7822 or email to request help.

How do I delete my shoppers account?

To delete your account as a shopper, click on the link in the bottom left corner of the screen that says “Log Out”
You will then be prompted to delete your account.

Can I make a new Instacart shopper account?

You can’t create a new account, but you can delete your account. If you’re deleting your account, you’ll need to have an active or account in order to delete your account.

Do Instacart shoppers get penalized for mistakes?

Shoppers are not penalized for mistakes, but their score can be affected if they didn’t complete orders quickly, or placed incorrect orders. Shoppers can only get a certain number of shifts for the remainder of the month.

Can 2 Instacart shoppers shop together?

Yes, you can shop with a friend, family member, or another shopper.

How do I contact Instacart as a shopper?

As a shopper, you’ll be able to see your orders and your delivery options.

Why can’t I cancel my Instacart order?

If you are a new customer you can only cancel your order one time.
If you have previously canceled an order you can cancel it again.
If you have previously canceled an order you can not cancel it again.
If you want to return your order you can return your order immediately.
When you return your order you will receive a refund.
When you return your order you will not receive a refund.

How do you delete a batch on Instacart shopper?

You can only delete a batch if you canceled it.

How do I change my tip on Instacart?

You can change your tip on Instacart by going to your cart and clicking “Cart” in the top right corner. Under the slider you will see the option to set a tip percentage.

How much do Instacart shoppers make?

Instacart shoppers work between 10 and 20 hours a week. They’re not guaranteed to work that long, but they’re usually paid by the hour.

Do Instacart shoppers see tips?

Some shoppers have reported that they were offered a percent of the sale as a tip. Some shoppers have reported that they chose to distribute the tip themselves.

Is Instacart shopper legit?

Instacart shoppers also do not receive benefits such as paid time off or sick days. In addition, the work is not guaranteed. Depending on your location, if you are not getting enough work to make a living, Instacart may not be right for you.

How much do Instacart shoppers get paid per hour?

While shopping for groceries on Instacart, you may make anywhere from $5 to $15 per hour.

Can I do Instacart with my child?

You can do Instacart with your child, but you will have to take on a bit more help than if they were an adult.

Do you have to wear the Instacart shirt?

 You do not have to wear the Instacart shirt. No.  Thatâs actually very common for customers.

Can I use someone else’s Instacart account?

If you already have an Instacart account, and I send you a link to download the app, you must delete my account before you can download and use this app.
I don’t see anything in there that says I have that option, but if I do then it’s a violation of the terms of service and I’m sorry.

Do Instacart shoppers see feedback?

Instacart is a delivery service and doesn’t see feedback.

How do I return an item to Instacart as a Shopper?

Instacart offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy with your item from Instacart, just contact the customer service team and they’ll refund your purchase.

Do Instacart shoppers pay for missing items?

Instacart shoppers will notify the shopper if an item is listed as being out of stock in the app, but there is actually inventory on hand. If there is inventory on hand, the shopper would not be charged. The shopper can decline to deliver the order at no charge.

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