How Do I Delete My Myspace Account Without Email Or Password?

Type “Delete My Profile” subject in the field. Explain that you want to delete your MySpace profile, and that you’re not sure how to contact them about it (because you think they’ve got your email listed under spam?). Ask for their help getting access back to your account.

How do I delete my MySpace account without email or password?

Type in the subject box “Delete My MySpace”. Write that you do not know how to contact the people who manage the MySpace site and ask for their help getting access to your account. Tell them that if they can’t help, you want to be unsubscribed from the MySpace mail list.

How can I access my old MySpace account without email?

If you’ve forgotten your Myspace usernames, you can sign in to Myspace via the Username. This will generate a password for you to review and then re-enter if you need to.

How can I access my old MySpace account?

It is easy to find an old profile on MySpace. Just type in your name and click on it and there will be your old profile. There are photos, music, and videos, and you can see your friends.

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