How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App?

Click on “Browsing History” (left of your screen), go to “Delete a specific item”, then “remove from view”, then “remove all items from view”.

How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App?

1. Click on “Browser history”2. On the left of your screen.3. Go to delete a specific item.4. Left of your screen.5. Click on delete all items from the view.

How do I hide orders on the Amazon app?

We will remove any orders when you have completed them.

Can we delete order history from Amazon?

Amazon will not delete your complete order history. If you want to hide individual orders, go to Your Orders page, select the order you want to hide, and then select Hide Order in the right-hand corner and confirm.

How do you delete archived orders on Amazon?

To archive an order, open Your Orders and select Archive Order. Your order will then be removed from the default history view.

How do I hide orders on Amazon 2020?

Go to your orders settings page and click on ‘Your orders’. On this screen, click on ‘Archive Order,’ which will completely hide your order from your orders listing.

Can you hide Amazon orders from family?

You can archive orders or items you’re no longer interested in referencing or have stopped delivering to the default order history view. You’ll see the Archive button in the Orders & Items section. Choose the order that you want to archive (or select Archive on the detail page of a listing).

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