How Do I Delete My Other Facebook Pictures?

You can click your name. Go to your photos and edit them. Click on the Edit option next to the photo you want to delete. Click Delete this photo. Click Delete when prompted. Repeat this process for other photos.

How do I delete my other Facebook pictures?

1. [Log onto WordPress]2. Click Your Name.3. Click Your Photos.4. Hover your mouse over a photo.5. Click the ‘Edit’6. Click Delete This Photo.7. Repeat this process for other photos.

How do I delete other on Facebook?

Yes, by deleting your account you will have to reconnect with all of the contacts on your phone. However, this is a small price to pay in order to delete an extra profile! This should let you delete an extra profile! Next, go to “Accounts & Settings” (top right of your screen). Under personal information, click on “Close Account”. Click continue and select the reason for closing.

Can you delete others posts on Facebook?

Deleting is achieved by selecting “Delete” from the three-dot menu on the Facebook app or on the app for your browser. You can delete others, but cannot hide their content.

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