How Do I Delete My Oyo Account On My Phone?

You can download the Oyo Rooms app. Go to your profile and edit it. Edit your name, followed by email and a mobile number. Save the profile. Delete the app.

Is Oyo an Indian company?

The founder of OYO, Ritesh Agarwal, started the multinational as OYO Hotels & Homes. He started this business with the goal to provide cheap accommodation.

How do I check my Oyo booking history?

To check the status of your reservation, you can call the OYO Customer Care team by dialing *116# on your mobile phone. If you are unable to check the status of your reservation, you can cancel your reservation by following instructions on the OYO website.

Can I delete my Oyo account?

To delete your Oyo Rooms account; you must contact the service desk at and from the same email address that you used to sign up for the service.

How do you cancel Oyo?

You may cancel your bookings using our website or mobile app. You can also email us at to cancel your reservations. Within 14 working days, the correct amount will be credited to you.

Is OYO safe?

Yes, we can understand that you’re married, so if you are an unmarried couple, this is exactly what you need to have. OYO Rooms offers perfect service to unmarried couples.

Why is OYO famous for unmarried couples?

The apps provide “relationship mode” to users. If two people are alone they can check into a room without any problem.

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