How Do I Delete My Plex Account?

If you want to cancel your plex account, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. From the menu, click on “Account”. Click on “Delete” to confirm. You will notice that your account is deleted. Then, enter your Plex account password and click on “Delete Account”.

How do I permanently delete Plex server?

To uninstall Plex Media Server from your computer, you’ll need to simply press the Uninstall button on the Plex Media Server app.

How do I delete a Plex server and start over?

First, you need to uninstall Plex from your server. To do this, open a command prompt and run the following command: “C:\Plex\uninstall.exe” Once Plex is uninstalled, you can delete the Plex folder from your server.

How do I delete a plex database?

Plex has a system to delete all of the data from its database, but you can also just delete the Plex Media Server folder. This is the best solution for getting rid of the data, but it will not delete metadata.

Does deleting Plex library delete files?

Deleting a Plex library will not delete associated media files in Plex. You’ll need to remove the media you wish to delete by removing it from Plex, then removing it from the library.

How do I change Plex server settings?

To change some of the settings, you first have to open the Plex Media Server app. Then, you can access the settings.

How do I remove unavailable files from Plex?

You can remove files from your unavailable files section or you can also remove them from your Plex Media server console which is located at

How do you delete a library?

You can delete a library or a book.

How do I remove metadata from Plex?

You can delete a library and start over with a new one.

Can I delete Plex cache?

Once you deleted the cache, Plex will rebuild the library. The rebuild process can take some time, so be patient.

Where is Plex cache stored?

The Plex Media Server keeps the local cache of all of the videos, music, photos, and other media files that you add to Plex.

Where is Plex data stored?

Plex media server is an application that accesses and organizes files on the user’s computer, then streams them to any Plex-enabled devices.

What is Plex metadata?

Metadata is information about your media that is stored with them. It includes things like the title and cover art for your movies and TV shows.

Does Plex store my data?

Plex does not have access to your data. It only saves a digital copy of it.

How much storage is needed for Plex metadata?

Plex is a free, open-source, streaming media service that lets you store movies, TV shows, and music on your hard drive.

How do I remove plugins from Plex?

In order to remove a Plex plugin, select it from the main menu. Then, select “plugins” and press the “delete” button on the keyboard to remove the plugin.

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