How Do I Delete My Pogo Account?

If you are playing Pokemon GO on Android, tap on the “Get Help” item, then tap “Contact Us”. Tap on the message icon at the top right corner, and tap on the “Delete My Account” option.

How do I permanently delete my like account?

All you have to do is to go to the settings menu and tap on the “Delete account” option that goes under personal information in order to end your registration with the social networking app.

Can you reset a Pokémon GO account?

Once you can’t reset your account, that means you’ll have to delete it. Fortunately, deleting an account for this app only takes a few steps. Once completed, you won’t be able to access it right away.

How can I delete my all account?

To remove an account, tap the app you want to delete from the phone, and then select Delete this account on the Delete Account screen.

How long does it take to delete a Pokémon Go account?

Deleting your account can be very time-consuming. It can also take a lot of time.

Does Niantic delete inactive accounts?

If your Pokemon Go account is inactive by 1 or 2 years it may be deleted.

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