How Do I Delete My Quizup History?

To delete the quiz you just took, open the app and go to settings. Then tap your profile and then delete your account. This will delete all your data from the app.

Why did QuizUp get discontinued?

The quiz game app Plain Vanilla was discontinued due to lack of funding. The app was very popular, but not profitable enough to keep the company alive.

When was QuizUp discontinued?

The quiz app was discontinued in early 2017.

What has replaced QuizUp?

QuizUp was the original game that helped define the “bingo app”. After becoming the most popular game, it has slowly slipped from the top spot.

Will QuizUp be back?

The game might be back, but it’s not up for sure yet. The creators have hinted that they might be coming up with something new, so stay tuned!

Is QuizUp app safe?

The quiz game is safe and secure. It is not shared with other users or third-party companies.

Did trivia Royale get deleted?

It was a game that was based in the world of the show. It was very similar to the show but it was on the internet rather than in a TV or movie theater.

Which trivia app is best?

There are lots of trivia apps on the market, but we think that QuizUp has the best quizzes. If you want something that’s more casual and fun, then you should try Trivia Crack.

What happened to the quiz app?

The new owners of the quizz app changed the name and app.

Are U Smarter than a fifth grader game?

The game takes place in a classroom and tests the viewers for their knowledge of elementary school history and math. The questions range from basic addition to advanced topics like fractions and percentages.

What would rather game?

I prefer gaming than doing any other activities. I love the feeling of being in another world, escaping from reality.

Where is QuizUp app?

This game allows you to play a game against other users. It is a social game where you can challenge others and compete in games where you are given a question and you need to answer it as quickly as you can.

Is trivia Royale available on Android?

Trivia Royale was available on Android, too, but the app has been down for a long time.

Is trivia Royale on the app store?

Trivia Royale is a trivia game that has you compete against players in real time, and allows you to compete against them through questions based on a variety of topics. It’s a great trivia game.

Can you play trivia crack online?

Yes, you can play questions online. There are several different way to find out answers. One is to play on the website. Another is to download the app.

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