How Do I Delete My Rogers Account?

Go to the Rogers Member Center. Enter your Rogers Yahoo! address and password, then select Next. Select. On the Delete Account pop-up screen select OK to delete, or Cancel.

Can I cancel Rogers service online?

All you have to do is contact Rogers and cancel your internet service. This is the only way to do it.

Can you have 2 Rogers accounts?

There is a problem when two accounts that are connected to the same phone number and the same email address, and there are no problems with the money in the first account being used to pay for the second.

Can I transfer my Rogers account to someone else?

If someone else transfers the deal from one provider to another after you transfer it to them, the line goes to the provider that has the lowest price at this point in time. There is more information about this in chapter 4.

How much does it cost to change your number Rogers?

If you change your phone number through a customer care representative, you will be charged $45 as you change the number on your phone. You can do it through the self-service option. You’ll need to create a new voicemail and greeting as well as delete any existing messages.

Where can I find MyRogers account number?

In order to find the account number on your bill, open the tab Account Overview. Find the account number in the upper-left corner of the web page.

What happens to Rogers email when you cancel?

You can’t keep your email at Rogers. You’ll end up losing your Rogers’ Internet subscription, and not being able to use your email. This will erase all of your email accounts.

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