How Do I Delete My Skype Account Without Deleting My Account?

Go to this website and sign into your Skype account using the Skype account you wish to permanently close. Click on Your account settings under Settings and preferences. Locate the listing for your Skype account and click on Unlink.

How can I delete my Skype account only?

To open your account, click on Settings in the left panel and select Settings from the top left corner. On the right side, scroll down and select Close your account. You will be asked to provide your password to access your account.

What happens when you delete your Skype account?

When you run Microsoft Outlook, you delete emails as they come in. You do this, but you can never go back to the deleted stuff and get it again.

How do I remove Skype from my Microsoft account?

To unlink your Skype account, you need to click on the Account details link and unlink your Skype ID. A notification appears explaining what will happen. Read it carefully and then hit the green button to unlink your ID. Make a note of your Skype username, which shows up automatically in Skype and your Microsoft account.

How do I delete my Skype login information?

Open the window Skype on the computer and click on your Skype name that is at the top left corner. When a pop-up appears, scroll down and select Settings. Then scroll down and select Remove My Account. To continue, verify your identity and password (your email).

How do I delete multiple Skype accounts?

If you want to close your Skype accounts, you need to access them and have them updated to Microsoft accounts, then close them one by one.

How do I know if my Skype account is deleted?

When someone deletes your contact, you cannot see them on their side anymore. However, it will still appear on your end during the 60-day waiting period.

Is it OK to uninstall Skype?

On a PC running Windows 10, you can uninstall the Skype program in two ways. However, uninstalling Skype doesn’t erase your personal account. If you uninstall Skype and then want to use it again, you need to reinstall the most up-to-date version of the program.

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