How Do I Delete My Tiktok Account Without The App?

Since the app can not be deleted from the app store, the account needs to be deleted by removing it from the app.

How do I delete my TikTok account without logging in?

To delete your TikTok account without logging in, you’ll need to contact TikTok support. They will ask you for your username and password to log in. You can also download a different browser to log in.

Can I delete my TikTok account on browser?

Deleting TikTok is quite simple. You just need to go to the “Settings” and then select “Deactivate Account”.

How can I delete my old TikTok account without password?

If you want to delete your TikTok account, you have to go to the “Settings” page then click on “Delete Account”.

How do you get your old TikTok account deleted?

To delete TikTok or any other app, you need to contact the app or site. They aren’t able to delete your data on their own.

How can I access my old TikTok account without password or email?

Unfortunately there is no way to see the old account without going through a password. If you have lost the password, it is possible to find it using the email address associated with your account. If you no longer have that email address, there is not much that can be done to help.

How can I delete my TikTok account without phone number 2021?

TikTok does not allow people to delete their accounts if they do not give away their phone numbers. You can delete your account by requesting to do this.

How do I delete my TikTok 2022 account?

To delete your TikTok account open TikTok app and go to settings. Tap on your account and select “Delete Your Account”.

Is TikTok deleting accounts in 2021?

There was no evidence that TikTok is deleting accounts. Even though there was no official announcement, it is possible that the company is deleting accounts. If you wish to delete your account, you should create a backup of your data before doing so.

Does TikTok remove inactive accounts?

Yes, TikTok does remove inactive accounts. At the moment, inactive accounts can be removed only after 24 hours and after 7 days. It is expected that these limitations will be extended soon.

Can you email TikTok to delete your account?

To remove your TikTok account, send us a private message.

How can I delete my TikTok account without phone number?

You can’t delete TikTok with your phone number. You need to provide your phone number to them and they will send you a code that will delete your account.

How do I log into my old TikTok account?

If you can not remember what your TikTok ID and your password are, you can reset them through the account’s login page in the browser of your smartphone.

How do I change my phone number on TikTok if I don’t have my old number?

No one should be annoyed using your old TikTok number. You just need to contact TikTok support and ask them to help you change it.

What is my TikTok password?

You must change the TikTok password.

Can 12 year olds get TikTok?

TikToker is an app that allows kids to record their video and share it. It is available for free.

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