How Do I Delete My Twitch Account From My Phone?

Go to Twitch > Settings > Enable Account. Then click the purple disable button. Next, send information to Twitch Support.

How do I delete my twitch account from my phone?

1. Log in to Twitch.2. Go to settings.3. Disable account.4. Enter password.5. Click the purple disable button.6. Send information to Twitch Support.

What happens if you disable your Twitch account?

Disabling a Twitch account removes a user from public view and no one is any longer able to log in to them. It is even unlikely a user would be discovered, which means it is highly unlikely that their account would be hacked.

How long does it take for Twitch to delete your account?

Twitch is taking action against abusive account owners. It says that it will freeze accounts for 90 days and then permanently delete them in one fell swoop.

Does disabling Twitch account delete it?

If you would like to completely delete your account and never use it again, we can remove all personal information.

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