How Do I Delete My Uber Account Online?

Open Uber and tap “settings” at the top left. Select “Privacy,” then “delete account”. Follow the remaining steps in the app.

Why can’t I delete my Uber account?

If you fail to pay, you will not be able to close your account. If you do not reactivate your account within 30 days, Uber might keep your data.

How do I remove my email from Uber?

You can do that with the Uber app. You will have to enter your account credentials to do that.

How do I contact Uber customer service?

To contact a representative, go to Help in your Uber Driver app and select Help.

Does Uber delete inactive accounts?

This is how we delete accounts that haven’t been used for 6 months. After you used it, if you want to keep using it, you should login to it again.

What happens when your Uber account is deactivated?

When you use Uber Eats, you are using their service, but it is in a partnership. After the partner account is disabled, you will no longer be able to accept and complete delivery. This only affects your capacity to accept and finish delivery journeys.

Why my Uber account is disabled?

If you’re using Uber, it may be because you have had too many bad things happen to you in the past that have made you a risk to Uber. So you could be deactivated, and your account could be blocked.

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