How Do I Delete My Western Union History?

To view your profiles, go to your WU profile, click the menu icon and select My receivers from the dropdown. Click Show Details next to the receiver’s name you want to delete. Click Delete. click Yes in the confirmation pop up.

How long does Western Union keep records?

You can see a history of your money transfers from more than 90 days ago.

How can I see my Western Union transaction history?

Log in to your or our mobile app profile to view your money transfer history. For our legal team to approve the request, it will be processed 3-5 business days.

Can money sent through Western Union be traced?

If you know your Western Union transfer tracking number, it is very easy for you to track the money order from Western Union.

How do I get off a Western Union blacklist?

If you contact the Western Union support team, they can unblock your name if it is blocked by mistake. They will contact Western Union and get it resolved.

Is it possible to cancel a Western Union transfer?

Go to the website of or download our mobile app. We’ll display a list of your recent money transfers. You’ll see a Cancel transfer link if you can cancel your transaction.

Why is Western Union blacklisted?

Money transfers are sometimes refused due to identity validation issues. This is why you may be able to hand deliver cash in person at an agent location if you were denied through online.

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