How Do I Delete My Western Union Transaction History?

Open your WU profile and click on the Menu button and go to “My receivers”. Select your receiver you want to delete. Then click on the name of the receiver you wish to delete. After the pop up appears, click on Yes.

How do I delete my Western Union history?

If you go to your WU profile and click your contacts, you can select the receiver you want to delete on the top of the screen. Then you can tap Delete to remove the contact. A confirmation appears on screen. If you want to remove this contact from your list, click Yes on the screen.

How long does Western Union keep records of transactions?

Western Union: yes, you can look back at 90 days of your past money transmission history on or our mobile app. The process is easy.

How do I get my Western Union transaction history?

When you sign in to a western union profile and view your previous 90-days of history, you can also make changes to your account settings and update your name in our system. If you’re a new customer, you may be required to verify your phone number, as well as verify your identity with another email or phone number.

Does Western Union report transactions?

Western Union’s reporting procedure is as follows. An automated system scans the Western Union transfer network every second. If there is an amplified transaction which is of suspicious nature, an analyst files a suspicious activity report, or SAR, to the government.

How do I subpoena Western Union records?

Western Union will deliver the subpoena via first class mail after it receives a subpoena and checks for a return receipt.

Can I change Western Union receiver name?

You are not able to change the name of a receiver completely. This is currently not possible. You can only change your receiver’s name to an address for a specific time period. You can’t change it over the phone by using a Money Order, Bill Payment, Direct to Bank, Prepaid Money Transfer, or Tele-Money Transfer.

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