How Do I Delete My Zola Wedding Account?

To delete your Zola wedding account, please email us at support@ and let us know that you want to delete your account. We will help you out.

Can you delete your Zola account?

If your account isn’t connected with credit cards, you can delete your account.

How do I cancel my Zola wedding?

If you want to get rid of Zola, you can do that with the help of our support team.

How do I get rid of Zola on Google?

In order to remove Zola the internet search engine, you can check the browser’s settings and clear cookies and delete your history. Also, you can check the Google support page for help.

How do I disable Zola website?

Zola is not a wedding planning website. There is no such thing as an account in Facebook.

Can you make a Zola wedding website private?

To make your wedding website private, go to the “Privacy” tab on your wedding website. Select “Private.” This will make your wedding website private. This will not affect your other parts of the website.

Can I make Zola registry private?

You always have the option of making your own Zola registry private. On the “Settings” tab of the top right corner of your registry you can choose who can view your registry and who can’t.

How do I delete an event on Zola website?

In order to delete an event, first log in to your Zola account and choose ‘Events’ under the tab ‘Home’ on the homepage. Select the event that you would like to delete, then click on the little yellow ‘X’ icon on the right to delete the event.

How do I cancel the knot?

To cancel the knot, hold the string between your thumb and first 2 fingers. With your other hand, hold the loop of the string that is closest to the knot. Then squeeze the loop. And then push your fingers up and away from the knot.

Can you see who views your Zola?

You can see who has viewed your Zola wedding registry on “My Registries.” From there, go to “Manage Registry” and select “Guest List” to see the list of all the guests who have viewed your registry.

Can I edit my Zola website after publishing?

You can edit the content and design of your Zola website after publishing. Go to “Edit Website” from the top right corner of your website or your Zola account.

How long do Zola websites last?

We regularly update our websites to match the latest trends and make them more functional and user friendly.

Is Zola wedding website free?

If you’re planning on getting married, do it on Zola. You can choose your favorite colors and theme of weddings and wedding reception. You can also choose which location or area you want your wedding to be.

Are Zola websites searchable?

Searching for that website is easier, you can use your smartphone or device to search by typing that website or searching for it through google.

How do I password protect Zola?

To protect your account, open the settings menu and hit “password”. You should enter your desired password, and Zola will ask you to enter it again to make sure you remember it.

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