How Do I Delete Reddit Post History?

Some users reported success by deleting posts one at a time through the website’s interface. However, some users reported that it was not always successful. Also, it is important to note that deleting posts may not always be successful, and that some posts may be recoverable even after being deleted.

How do I clear Reddit history?

To clear your Reddit history, open the Reddit website and sign in. Then, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the page, and select “History.” On the “History” page, click on “Clear all my history” at the bottom, which will remove Reddit history from your account.

How do I hide my Reddit post history?

The person behind your account will have a tough time hiding your history from Reddit. However, you may delete your account, register another account, or use a different browser when you visit the site.

How do I delete Reddit Reddit history?

To clear your account, open the website and log in. Go to the 3 lines in the top left of the page and click on the gear icon. On this page, you can delete individual posts or clear your entire history.

Does Reddit track history?

It is possible to view your Reddit history. To view your Reddit history, click on your profile on Reddit. This will show you all of the posts and comments that you have made on Reddit.

Can anyone see Reddit history?

Reddit is a public site, with public subreddits, so there’s no privacy.

Does Reddit History delete itself?

It is possible to delete yourself. However, it requires an additional step.

How do you delete Reddit search history on PC?

To delete your Reddit history on PC, you need to do these steps: Open Reddit and sign in.Click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.Select “History.”Under “History Type,” select “Search.”Click on the “X” next to each entry to delete it.Click “Delete” when you’re done.

How long does Reddit keep your history?

Reddit will keep your post for a period of 90 days.

Is your Reddit history saved?

Yes, your history is saved so it will be available if you reinstall the app.

Can you delete Reddit posts?

Yes, do. To remove your post, click the back arrow and the post will be deleted.

How do I hide my activity on Reddit?

There are a few ways to show your activity on Reddit and other social platforms. One way of hiding your activity is to delete your cookies after each visit.

Can you see who looks at your Reddit?

A list of all of the people who view your profile is available on the right side of the page.

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