How Do I Delete Unwanted Email Addresses?

To remove a contact from your database, access to the contact record, then click the Delete button. If you want to remove more than one contact, make sure you have them listed separately in the To: field.

How do I get rid of old email addresses?

The following options are presented to remove your accounts in the case of problems:

Accounts to be deleted are also kept for 45 days to allow for a possible user to change their mind.

Can you delete or deactivate an email address?

Depending on the mail host, you may be able to suspend or permanently delete your account. You should check the specific settings of your email account to be comfortable with your choices.

How do I delete email addresses from my contact list?

You can delete email addresses from your contact list by simply start typing a contact name and use the backspace.

How do I delete unwanted email addresses from Outlook?

to delete unwanted emails, go to the view switcher and select people, then choose the contact that has the email address you want to delete, then click edit, and then click save.

How do I delete old email addresses in Windows 10?

Find the contact you want to delete, then click on it then click on the three dots symbol > Select Delete.

How do I request a copy of my data?

You can request a copy of your data via our contact page, or if you wish to automate this process for your own website, you can take advantage of the API feature. We aim to provide you with all of your data within 24 hours, and will always ask for proof of identity at some point before providing you with this information. We will need you to email us a scan of your passport/driving license depending on the nature of your request.

How can I have my email address removed from a list?

When you marked the email address as spam and bulk, your email address was removed from all mailing lists.
In case you are still receiving emails from this email address after one week, and this is the first time you are receiving such mail, please contact us by email at Include the previously emailed bounced back e-mail and let us know which mailing lists you posted this message on. We will then investigate it further by checking whether you have checked the appropriate option in your account settings.

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