How Do I Downgrade My Box Account?

To cancel your Box account, you have to contact the account administrator at and you need to provide the plan type you want to downgrade your account. You can compare our packages side-by-side. Note that you can only downgrade to lower-priced packages if you are close to the end of your current plan.

What is Account downgrade?

The most common scenario is if you’re using a standard version of Windows and your PC is just too slow. But this is not a reason to get rid of your PC and go on a buying spree. Get a better PC and just add the software you need.

How do I cancel my box subscription?

Log into the Box app and click the “Cancel Account” choice. Complete the survey if you want to cancel your account permanently.

What is downgrade plan?

To switch from a monthly plan to a pay-per-campaign you have to do it before your current billing cycle ends. You’ll be billed at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Can you delete a box account?

To delete your account you have two tasks. You have to login and password and then you go to the account settings. At the account settings in your account page you will see a button to delete your account.

How do I cancel my Boxycharm account?

After a user unsubscribes, they can log in to their account and delete their data. They can also get help.

Can I pause my Boxycharm?

Is it possible to stop or continue your subscription? No, you cannot deactivate your subscription, you have to cancel it. You can set up a new account at any time after you unsubscribe.

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