How Do I Downgrade My Vimeo Subscription?

Click on the settings section of your account and select the plan you wish to downgrade to.Your account will automatically downgrade.Select the plan at the end of your payment period and you should receive an email notification to verify.

How do I downgrade my Vimeo subscription?

1. To the Plans section of your account settings.2. Click “Select Plan” next to the subscription option you wish to downgrade to.3. Your account will automatically downgrade.4. You may receive an email notification to verify.

Can you downgrade your Vimeo plan?

In the subscription settings, click on Selection and select the plan you want to change to. Once you have the selected plan, you will receive an email notification so you can confirm your new plan.

How do I go back to basic Vimeo?

You can delete your account by visiting the My Account page. It is an easy and safe way to remove your account.

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