How Do I Get A Refund From Subway?

Subway customer service will refund you if you call the number at 1-800-786-7890.

How do I file a complaint against Subway?

You can use to complain about your experience.

How do I cancel a Subway order?

You can cancel your order on the Subway by calling them at 1-800-888-4848. You can also visit their website at or visit the subway app on your phone.

Can you return a sandwich at Subway?

You can bring the receipt back to the counter and see if you can get a refund.

How do I complain to Subway UK?

The customer service team of the UK Subway has a customer service email address and phone number on which you can get in touch with them.

How do I get ahold of subway corporate office?

If you are an individual, please contact Subway Consumer Care team about issues you have with Subway by emailing them at or calling (800) 888-4848. If you are a restaurant operator, please contact Subway Restaurant Support team about issues you have with your Subway restaurant by emailing them at or calling (800) 888-4848.

Can I call in a Subway order?

“There is a few hours before the dinner starts, which means you can call and order ahead.

Can you cancel an order on the Subway app?

To cancel an order on Subway, tap the “Cancel Order” option in the top left or top right corner and select the order that you want to cancel.

Can I pay with cash on subway app?

On the Metro app, you have the option of purchasing a card and loading money onto that card.

How can I get free subway points?

The subway system gives people points when they use their card on the system and then enter the code on the app. You can also get points by getting the SubwayFresh Reward app on the app store and scanning your card at a participating location.

How do I remove favorites from Subway app?

This one’s harder to find. I’m going to type it into the app and see what it looks like.

Can I use subway points online?

No, you cannot use subway points either, that’s only done at the real subway card.

Does subway do Apple Pay?

Google Pay is the latest payment platform that will replace Google Wallet.

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