How Do I Get My Lifelabs Results Online?

To view lab reports and results online. You must register a lab or health care visit. You must be 16 and have visited a participating lab or health care centre within the last 30 days. You will need to enter your personal information and information about your.

How do I get my LifeLabs results in BC?

MyCareCompass is a free service that allows you to access lab results online and schedule appointments at LifeLabs. The majority of results are available on MyCareCompass in 24 hours after visiting participating labs throughout British Columbia.

Does LifeLabs call with results?

LifeLabs will only call you at the time of your request, and will stop calling you the next time your request is processed.

How long does it take to get blood test results in BC?

Within six hours of receiving the specimens at the laboratory they will be analysed and reported, as well as called to the doctor for medical assessment. The results of microbiological specimens will be available in a few days. Some analyses are not available through a STAT request; for more information, contact Customer Information Centre.

How fast are Covid test results in BC?

Results may take 48 hours. Our staff will be polite and considerate. We ask that when individuals contact our services that they treat us with the same respect.

How long will you test positive after having Covid?

Unfortunately, many individuals can test positive for COVID-19 for weeks or even months after infection. However, the infection lasts for only a few days, so individuals can carry the virus for only several days.

How do I know if I’ve had Covid?

A coronavirus antibody test may tell you whether or not you’ve been exposed to the virus or if you’ve been vaccinated. It checks to see whether your body has developed antibodies against the virus. Some people who’ve had the virus do not generate antibodies.

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