How Do I Get Rid Of Hp Warranty Status Popup?

If you look under “Troubleshooting and Support,” then you can see the security status for all your HP products. The Status will show green if the product is not affected by any security issues. If you have other security issues, this status will read red.

What is check your HP warranty status?

Although checking warranty status is done by contacting customer service, it is highly recommended that you go to and enter your serial number and the word warranty in the search box to see the warranty status of your product.

How do I activate the warranty on my HP laptop?

To activate the warranty on your HP laptop, you will need to contact HP customer service.

What is HP Post warranty?

HP offers limited warranty on its products. This warranty starts from the
date of purchase. Please check the product’s specifications page for more

Does HP offer free warranty?

Some of their products can be found for free in the store. For more information, visit their website.

How do I find out if my laptop is still under warranty?

When you are in need of warranty information, you have to contact the manufacturer or the warranty provider.

Is cracked screen covered by HP warranty?

Generally, screens are not covered by HP warranty. If the crack is large enough, it may be considered a manufacturing defect and the screen may be replaced under warranty.

Do I need to register my HP laptop for warranty?

You are not required to register the HP laptop to collect warranty.

How much is HP laptop warranty?

The warranty starts from 1st day of purchase.

How do I contact HP support?

 One of the best ways for contacting HP support is through the HP Support Assistant. You can find the HP Support Assistant on the HP website or in the Google Play Store.

Can you extend HP warranty?

You can extend HP warranty. To do so, visit You can then select the product and the warranty you want to extend. Click on the “Extend my warranty” link and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Will HP replace my laptop screen?

HP will not replace my laptop screen.

Does HP fix broken screens?

I bought a HP Pavilion dv7-2133cl last month. The screen was broken and I was told by HP that I should send it to a HP repair centre.
[Unrelated Paraphrase]: This month, I got another HP Pavilion dv7-2133cl because the first one was broken.

How do I fix my HP laptop screen?

To fix your laptop screen, turn the laptop off and remove the battery.Unplug the laptop and remove the battery for about 30 seconds.Replace the laptop screen.

How can I check my HP laptop warranty Windows 10?

Most laptops have a warranty that covers the device itself, and warranty plans for the rest of the system. To check your laptop’s warranty status, open the HP Support Assistant app and go to the Warranty Status tab to get your answers.

What is HP warranty laptop?

HP warranty is provided for a period of 3 to 5 years. This means that the laptop will be covered for 2 years in terms of hardware but only 3 months in terms of software.

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