How Do I Get Rid Of Supercell Id And Go Back To Google Play?

Apps connect the world. Select the game that you would like to clear your saved data from. Tap Disconnect. You may want to select the option to delete your game data activities on Google.

How do I delete my supercell ID?

To delete your ID, you have to go to the Supercell website and remove the app from your device.

How do I change my supercell ID to Google?

This is the question that’s important to answer if you’re going to be able to play Supercell games like F.E.A.R. 2.

How can I delete my supercell ID in Gmail?

You will see a button that says Settings. Tap it to open the Settings screen. Now tap on Account.

How do I transfer my supercell ID to another email?

To transfer your supercell id to a different email go to the supercell app and log in. Select settings from the menu on the left. Scroll down and select “my account”. Enter the email you want it to go to and click “transfer now”.

Can you unlink supercell ID?

This is actually a really easy process. You just need to tap on the “My Account” menu on your Supercell app.

How do I merge supercell accounts?

To merge your Supercell accounts, open the Settings menu on your phone and tap on “Merge Accounts.” Next, you’ll have to enter your account information for one of the accounts, the other being the account you want to keep. After you enter your information, you’ll be prompted to enter your account information for the other Supercell account.

Can you transfer supercell accounts?

Yes, you can transfer your Supercell account to another device. The first step is to log in to the original device and go to Settings > Supercell ID. This will show the account information. Select the button that says “Transfer Account” and confirm. If you want to transfer your account to the original device, simply repeat the same steps but select “Restore Account” instead.

How do I remove my Supercell ID from all devices?

As it’s explained in Supercell’s Support, the company asked all of its customers to log out of their account on their devices.

How do I delete my COC account?

In order to delete your Instagram account, first you need to head to your Profile page. From there, you can select “Settings”, “Account”, and then “Delete Account”. From there, you can follow the instructions.

How can I link my COC account to another gmail?

You cannot. You will end up creating a new account in COC. A copy of your account will be created on the new account.

Can I change my Clash of Clans email?

If you’re not able to log in to your Clash of Clans account via the game’s website, you’ll need to go to Settings > Change Password > Password.

How do I change my Google account on clash of clans?

You can log in to your account either with your full Google account (that’s the one you use to access apps and services like Gmail) or, if you don’t have one, by creating one using the Google Apps credentials.

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