How Do I Make A Parent Pay Account?

Log in to your parentpay account by entering the username and password provided in your activation letter. You will then need to select the login tab. You can then complete the activation as detailed.

How do I add a parent to ParentPay?

Your account is now ready to use ParentPay for your new account. To activate, click the Add a Child button from the main menu on a mobile device. On a computer, simply open the ParentPay tab from the main menu.

What is ParentPay account?

Parents can now pay for various items with their ParentPay account. It is also possible to pay for things like lunches, extracurricular activities and more.

How does ParentPay work?

Making a payment with ParentMoney is easy. You won’t have to give any information about yourself. And we keep a record of all your transactions with us, so you can see it at a later date.

How do I withdraw money from ParentPay?

You need to log into your ParentPay account and change your settings. Then select the “Withdraw” button and you will need to enter an amount between the minimum and maximum amount you have to withdraw.

How do I add ParentPay to my home screen?

Now you have the Parent Portal as a button on your mobile device. Just find the button and tap to set it up. You can change its name, add a picture as well as the description if you wish.

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