How Do I Make My Hudl Profile Public?

Make your profile public in the “Settings” page by clicking on the “Profile” section, and then clicking on the “Public Profile” button.

How do I make my Hudl not private?

To make your device not private, go to settings and choose Privacy. You can turn off the “Private” setting.

How do I share my Hudl account?

To share your Hudl account, simply log in to your account on and click on the “Share” tab at the top of the page. From there, you can share your account with others by entering their email addresses or by sharing a link.

Is Hudl public?

Can I access a Hudl class without having a license?
[Answer]: Hudl is not public and is not available for public consumption.

How can I see who viewed my HUDL?

To see who has viewed your HUDL, open your app and select “My HUDLs.” Tap on a HUDL you want to view then select “Viewers.” This will show you a list of everyone who has watched your video.

How do you get followers on HUDL?

There are several ways to get followers on HUDL. You can get followers by inviting friends, create interesting and helpful content, or use hashtags to reach a wide audience.

How do I share a Hudl Video on Facebook?

To share a video from Hudl, you need to first export the video from Hudl, and then it will appear on your Facebook timeline.

How do I share a Hudl Video?

To share a video from Hudl, you’ll need to first export it from Once you have the exported video file, you can share it using any other online platform.

How do I search for people on Hudl?

To search by name, you can search by typing in the search bar the people you are looking for. To search by email address, you can either type in the email address or click on the “find contacts” button. Once you have the right people selected, click “Search”.

Do college coaches look at Hudl?

Hudl is a great tool that helps college coaches find prospects. If a coach creates a scouting profile, he can use it to scout for potential recruits. He can then study the profile and highlight the recruit’s abilities.

How do I make my highlights public on Hudl?

You can make your highlights public on Hudl by going to your My Films page and clicking on the movie, then clicking on the Highlights tab and then clicking on the box to the right of Public.

What do views mean on Hudl?

A view for any video includes the number of times it is watched.

In addition, there is a “Viewing Trend” section at the bottom of the page that is available for quick reference as to what’s popular.

Can you use Hudl without a Team?

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