How Do I Permanently Delete Kindle Books?

Go to your “Manage Your Content and Devices” page. Then in the “Your Content” list.Select the boxes next to the books you’d like to remove.Select Delete.Select permanently, delete to confirm.

How do I permanently delete Kindle books?

1. Go to the “Manage your content and devices” page. 2. In the “Your content” list. 3. Select the boxes next to the book(s) you’d like to remove. 4. Select Delete. 5. Select Yes, delete permanently to confirm.

Are Kindle books permanent?

So if you’re a Amazon Prime member, you can keep e-books for up to three weeks, but some titles are only available for three weeks.

Do I lose my Kindle books if I close my Amazon account?

Kindle will delete your account. If you delete your Kindle account, your books will remain available.

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