How Do I Permanently Delete Line Friends?

Select the Home/Friends tab. Go to Settings, and tap Friends. Hidden users or Blocked users may be selected.Tap the account you wish to remove, and delete it. Tap OK to confirm.

How do I permanently delete someone?

Single contact: Select “Delete permanently” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the contact’s name. When deleting multiple individuals, please refer to sections 1b. and 2 of this guide before proceeding with option 2(which is pending). If you’re dealing with any confusion, now is an excellent time to talk to customer support or read some additional information on their website!

How do you permanently delete line messages?

This happened only for other participants who did not send the message through the original recipient, and it may only be done once per message.

Can I permanently delete a phone number?

Now, use the edit button to add the contact. After you do so, you’ll see a red box that says “Add/Remove” next to the contact (see the image above).

How do I delete LINE history?

Select the start button, select the Chinese keyboard from the on-screen menu, select it from your computer’s keyboard settings and select’more options’. Tap’settings’, select privacy and choose clear chat history from the drop-down menu.

Does deleting a message delete it for both parties?

Is It Possible to Remove a Message for Everyone? Unfortunately, no. Messages are synced with each other’s phones and the recipient address after you send them.

Can u permanently delete text messages?

You can just select any message and select the Trashcan icon in the top right corner by long pressing one message and selecting all the trashcan icon.

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