How Do I Permanently Delete Messenger Account?

Tap on the top right corner, then tap on Settings then Account Ownership and Control, then Deactivate Account then Go to Deactivation and Deletion. Then select Deactivate Account. Tap Continue to Deactivate the account.

How do I permanently delete my Messenger account 2020?

To deactivate Messenger, go to the Messenger app on mobile and tap the profile picture in the lower right side; then, tap the three dots icon and swipe it to the left. Choose Deactivate. Type in your password and select Continue. Then, tap Deactivate to finish.

How can I delete my Messenger account?

Tap the account you want to remove. Tap the dropdown menu. Scroll to the top and choose Switch Account. Swipe left on the account.

How do I delete my Messenger account without Facebook?

Go into your profile picture section and tap on your profile picture. Select Legal & Policies and tap on Deactivate Messenger. This will stop your Facebook Messenger from working from your phone.

Does deleting Messenger account Delete Facebook?

If your Facebook account is deactivated, you can still use Facebook Messenger. People will not be able to see you, but they will still be able to contact you.

How do I permanently delete Messenger messages on both sides?

Messenger lets you unsend messages once you’re in the app’s interface. Select “Unsend” in the menu and you’re done. Message unsending deletes the message from both ends, so all the recipient can do is re-send the original message.

Can you permanently delete Facebook and keep Messenger?

You can continue to use your Facebook Messenger account even after deleting your Facebook account. However, your friends will not be able to see your recent messages on Messenger. Download Messenger mobile app if you do not already have it.

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