How Do I Permanently Delete My Fortnite Account?

When you press the DELETE ACCOUNT button, you will receive a security code. Enter the code in the REQUEST ACCOUNT DELETE section.Click the CONFIRM DELETE REQUEST button and confirm the operation.

Can you delete a Fortnite account?

Deleting a user of Epic Games will take about five to 30 seconds to process. You will receive an email notification for the processing to be completed.

How do I delete my Fortnite account on Xbox?

This is going to remove all of your game accounts for Xbox Live, the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation Network, the Twitch platform, and GitHub.

How do I delete Fortnite account on PS4?

You will have to log out on your PS4 and change the Playstation network region and language as you would like when you log in again.

How do I merge accounts on Fortnite?

By the end of May 2019, the ability to link Epic Games accounts ended. There was no longer a method to link 2 Epic Games accounts.

Where is my Fortnite email on PS4?

To create fun passes, you’ll have to fill out the information in the upper right corner, and then scroll down to make your personal information. You need to tell people the email address that was given to you, and they’ll send you the pass.

What happens if you delete Epic Games account?

When you delete your Fortnite account, the game’s content is deleted and everything you’ve bought and collected in Epic Games is wiped out. Also, all your progress on the game is inaccessible and you no longer have access to any of the games you bought from Epic Games.

How do I log out of fortnite?

There is no longer an ability to sign in to an Epic account on the Switch version of the game. You can only play in single-player, and the Switch version does not offer a cross-save function.

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