How Do I Permanently Delete My Indeed Account?

You can click the close my account link and confirm your account was closed. This action can not be undone.

How do I delete my old resume on Indeed?

When you first create your resume, you’ll be prompted to give your employer permission to collect your resume information and store it. If you do not want this to happen, simply click the ‘no’ icon on the next screen.

How do you delete Indeed apps?

When you go to click the “withdraw” link in an email from a potential employer you also get a pop-up that you need to accept if you wish to withdraw your application.

How do I delete emails from Indeed?

Click “Unsubscribe” on the email that you got from Indeed.

Can you delete Indeed assessments?

You can remove your assessments from your profile because you don’t like the result. However, you don’t have to make it private and inaccessible for employers.

Can you delete a job application?

If you are applying online, you may withdraw your application by logging to your account, picking a choice or clicking a button to “withdraw” your completed application. Depending on the application portal, the process may vary, but you will always be able to access your application.

Is it bad to withdraw a job application and reapply?

When a person withdraws their application, they only will be able to reactivate their application if they decide to apply again.

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