How Do I Reconnect My Social Media To Hootsuite?

If you click on My profile.Go to Reconnect social accounts.If any social accounts are disconnected.Select Reconnect to enter the social account credentials.Select username and password.The connection to your Hootsuite account has been successfully reconnected.

How do I reconnect my social media to Hootsuite?

1. Go to your profile.2. Choose your social networks.3. If you’re disconnected.4. Select connect to log in.5. Complete the login info.6. The connection is back.

Why does my Hootsuite keep disconnecting?

Hootsuite has an algorithm that determines whether to keep the token to log in or to log out. When social media networks identify certain actions on their accounts, such as hacking or having too many logins, this algorithm sends the token to expire and eventually disconnects the user.

Why is Hootsuite not working?

Some content might not load because your company has blocked a domain we use for the service. To unblock this, you should contact your IT department or change the router settings to lift all domain restrictions. We encourage you to whitelist our domains and make sure that you are connected through a secure connection.

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