How Do I Recover My Old Line Account?

Open LINE and tap the Start button.Enter the six-digit verification code.Enter the email address registered to your LINE account.If you can’t remember your password, tap Forgot your password?Enter the email address registered to your LINE account.

How do I reactivate my LINE account?

You can reactivate your account by opening LINE Pay. Go to the password section and input your passcode on the passcode screen. If you have forgotten your passcode, see here for instructions. You won’t be able to reactivate the account yourself if you haven’t set a LINE Pay password.

How do I log into LINE without a phone number?

You can use your email address to register with the LINE app. Then, just provide your email address and you’ll receive verification code in your email.

How do I transfer my LINE to a new phone?

You won’t be able to restore the “Chats” in the LINE app. Instead, you can backup your chat history on LINE app by using this method.

Can you have 2 LINE accounts?

LINE app for Android will allow you to use the same LINE account on two devices with ease. We will clone the LINE account on your Android device to make multiple accounts.

Does LINE play delete inactive accounts?

Your account may be cancelled if you have not used it for 1 year. Your account is used for your personal use only. No person has the right to use your account.

How do I verify my line account?

If you do not have an account but would like to, you can create one by tapping the Sign Up button in the top right corner of your screen. Choose a nickname or username and a password for your LINE account. Enter your phone number (or mobile number with international dialing enabled), tap the arrow, then select a profile and profile photo.

How do I restore a friend on LINE?

If you want to use LINE Messenger you must create an email address and password. Go to: LINE website and select Cogwheel (top right). Then, you can select “Line Chat History” (bottom right) and start using LINE Messenger.

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