How Do I Remove A Built In Administrator Account?

You can delete the built-in Administrator account easily. Right click the Administrator name and select Delete. Close Registry Editor, and reboot your computer. Open the Local Users and Groups window, and you will find that the built-in Administrator account has been deleted.

How do I remove a built in administrator account?

To delete Windows’ built-in Administrator account, go to Start > Control Panel, and then go to Local Users and Groups. Right-click the Administrator’s name, and select Delete to remove the account. Then, restart your computer to make sure that Administrator is removed.

Why can’t I delete my Administrator account?

When you try to remove an administrator account, you cannot delete it because you are signed in on another administrator account. So, remove the account that you logged into and then sign-in with the account that you want to delete.

Should you disable the built-in Administrator account?

The administrator account should only be used to install and join the machine to the enterprise or domain. After that users should log in and out of the account. It is disabled and is not meant for use by users. We could be sure that people will not misuse the account.

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