How Do I Remove A Device From Google Family Link?

To find the device you want to remove, go to “Your Devices” and find the device you want to remove. Click the three little dots in the top right corner of the box that says “Deleted”. Then click “sign out”.

How do I remove a device from my child’s family link?

On your phone, go to Settings, then Family Link, then you can reset the phone and delete the data.

How do I unlink my phone from family link?

You can also log-out by selecting the Log Out option when viewing your browser’s homepage or when making a request via the URL bar.

How do I unlink a device from Google?

To disconnect a device from your Google account, go to Assistant > Devices. Next, Tap on the phone in the list and then tap on Settings. Select Accounts. Choose Unlink this device.

What happens to family link when child turns 13?

When your kids reach the age of 13 (or the corresponding age in your region), they start getting an email from Google. When they open it, they will be notified that they will be able to take full control of their account. They’ll be able to do that on their birthday.

How do I remove a device from my Google Account 2021?

You can remove a device from trusted devices by clicking on the three dots menu option and clicking a device to delete it. Click Sign out to confirm that the gadget isn’t listed in trusted devices anymore.

How do I delete devices from Google Play?

Can’t delete a device from your online history? You can’t remove the gadget account, but you are allowed to remove the gadget from the Google Play store. If you move the gadget to another device, the previous owner won’t be able to view the past purchases, but they will be able to remove your account.

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