How Do I Remove An Account From My Instagram List?

Tap your profile. Tap settings. Tap login Info. Tap next to the account. Tap remove.

Why would I hide someone but not unfollow them?

If you want to unfollow someone because they’re going to post stuff you don’t want to see, turn off notifications for their account. If they’re posting from the company’s profile, turn off both the company’s and the user’s notifications at the same time.

I don’t follow this user, so why am I getting notifications?

You’ll now see a notification in the top right corner of your screen if a DM has been sent to you. Previously, you’d have to go into your previous DM’s to check about the individual message.

What happens if I hire someone who was already on my list?

At the moment, you can hide an account from your followers. This does not mean they won’t be visible in your News Feed anymore. For example, if you follow 20 accounts from an account you’re not following, your followers will still see all of the 20.

What happens after I hire someone? Will my DM history disappear?

When you hide/unhide someone from your list, you are only hiding their posts from any lists you follow with them, such as your DM, DM history, etc. This might make some sense to you, but if you were following a million people and you unfollowed them all, it would be a pain to go back and add everyone back to your lists.

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