How Do I Remove Devices From My Hik Connect App?

1. Add the device by scanning QR code.
2. On the result page, tap Unbind Device to start unbind the device from its account.
3. On the Unbind Device page, enter the device password and the verification code displayed on the image.
4. Tap Finish.

How do I remove devices from my HIK Connect app?

To remove a device from your HIK Connect app, navigate to the ‘My App’ page and tap ‘Add’. Open the ‘Result’ page and tap ‘Unbind Device’. Enter the password and verify code displayed on the image.

How many devices on Hik-Connect?

You can use any login credentials, such as an email address, Facebook account, or a YouTube account for Hik-Connect. The sharing of data between devices is only done for free. If you want to share your video content with friends, please sign up for a free account.

How can I see shared devices on Hik-Connect?

So you can see the shared device on Hik-connect by going to, login to My Shared Devices, then select the e-mail address you would like to share your device with (, then enter the email address of the hik-connect account you want to share your device with (, then on Choose a Device Type: give them our Windows 10 Pro laptop which is set as shared only so that they can access it remotely when we’re not home or online and press Share.

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