How Do I Remove Duplicate Accounts In Mint?

There are two ways to hide a duplicate account. One way is to mark the duplicate account as inactive. The other way is to hide the duplicate account (and all duplicate accounts).

Can I have 2 Mint accounts?

With Mint, you may create a new profile in another name and link all the financial institutions from your current account. The same concept applies with email accounts.

What does duplicate account mean?

This is common with businesses that have multiple accounts of the same customer. They have two or more accounts for the same customer.

Why do I have duplicate transactions in mint?

You may have entered your account twice in Mint. Sometimes, a duplicate of an account will appear because you accidentally marked the original as inactive. You can remove this duplicate, and your account will show a zero balance and stop updating.

Has mint been hacked?

Attackers infiltrated the Mint’s customer relationship management program and used deceitful means to gain access to the security system. Mint said that an attacker deceived workers into downloading remote access software and gained access to it.

Can a married couple use mint?

Mint is the ideal app for couples who want a low-maintenance budgeting tool. It’s easy to utilize with joint bank accounts; or separately track your personal savings.

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