How Do I Remove Files From My Computer But Keep Them In Dropbox?

If you want to delete a file, select the dropbox folder and press the delete key. This will delete everything inside that folder. To remove it from your computer and keep it in your online Dropbox account, make sure the folder is synchronized.

Can I delete files on my computer after uploading to Dropbox?

Mac users can remove a file from Dropbox by simply going into their Dropbox folders on their desktop. There is an option to delete the file from everywhere or off their computer.

Does deleting from computer delete from Dropbox?

When you remove a file from Dropbox, the data stored by that file is no longer available. However, your data is lost permanently 30 days after you remove the file.

Do Dropbox files stay on my computer?

You can download your files to a Dropbox folder on your Android or iPhone, as well as on your iPad.

How can I delete OneDrive files from a computer without deleting my files from the cloud?

You should not keep your papers and files of your computer in OneDrive. Right click on the OneDrive icon and select any folder or file. Then you can remove it from your computer by going to the menu and choosing “Delete Item”. This will remove the folder or file from your computer.

Can I delete files on my computer after uploading to Google Drive?

On your computer, put the file you want to remove in the trash. The file will disappear from all places. It might take a while for the file to disappear.

Why do I need Dropbox on my computer?

Dropbox is an online storage website that allows you to sync files online. You may use Dropbox links to exchange documents and folders with other people without sending huge attachments.

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