How Do I Remove Items From Zola Registry?

You can delete any gift at any time. It is located in the upper-right corner of the picture when you mouse over it. Then click the trash can icon.

How do I remove items from Zola registry?

You can also delete any gift from your registry by clicking the trash can symbol that appears in the upper right corner of the image when you hover over it. If you’d like to keep your registry, type the word “delete” into the search box and hit the Enter key.

How do I remove purchased items from Zola registry?

Hover over any present (in the upper right corner) and click the trash can symbol. Then click the “delete” button. Then, you’ll have the option to delete it from your registry. You can not delete items that you have purchased previously.

How do I edit Zola registry?

You can edit your registry at any time by adding presents or moving them around. Just bear in mind that you can’t delete an item once it has been purchased. So if you don’t want a present, save it for later.

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