How Do I Remove Someone From My Paypal Account?

Step 1 – Click on Request Money.Step 2 – Click on Create Invoice.Step 3 – Click on Address Book.Step 4 – Click on the line you wish to delete.Step 5 – Click on delete.

How do you delete a PayPal account without logging in?

Log into your PayPal account, click the account menu button at the top right, find the link to your account settings and select “Close Account”.

How do I regain my PayPal account?

To the case info page, go to your response section. Click Respond. In the case info page, go to the case details page. Click on the link “I’d like to submit the requested info”. Choose the attachments you’d like to attach. Upload them all at once.

How do I verify my PayPal account without a phone?

Visit an online shop where PayPal is accepted. Choose any shop you want and view its page as if you were going to purchase something. Find the “PayPal” button that can be used to pay for items at that shop. With this button, you can quickly send money to PayPal accounts.

How do I contact PayPal without an account?

To access your [PayPal]( account, go to []( and select the [Contact]( link at the bottom of any page.

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