How Do I Reset My Groupme Account?

You can go to forgot password page in GroupMe to reset it.
You can enter your email and phone number to reset your password.
Then follow the instructions.

How do I reset my GroupMe account?

You can reset your GroupMe account by following the instructions on the forgot password page.

How do you reset your phone number?

You can reset your phone number by going to the Settings and General menu on your iPhone. Then, go to the Reset option and follow the instructions in order to reset your number.

Why can’t I verify my number on GroupMe?

GroupMe is a mobile application that lets you create and participate in groups with other users. When you first sign up for GroupsMe, the app will ask for your phone number to verify your account. Sometimes, when you enter your phone number, it may not recognized by GroupMe. This can happen if you have recently signed up for a new phone number or if there was a recent change to your phone provider.

How do I create GroupMe?

If you sign up on the website, you will be able to create a group. However, there is no option to add a contact. To do this, you need to use the group messaging app.
To add a contact to a group, you need to first invite them to the group. Once you have invited someone, you can add them to the group.

How do I change my GroupMe password?

To change your GroupMe password, click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen. On that screen, you can change any of your account settings, including your password.

How do you change your email on GroupMe?

Switch your email on GroupMe by going to “settings” and then “Change email”. Enter your new email address and password.
*GroupMe does not support two users with the same email address. If you get a message stating you’re not allowed to add another user with this email, create a new user using a different email address (ex:

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