How Do I Reset My Sugarsync?

You should have checked the SugarSync app on your computer if you want to have it on your computer when your computer starts up. SugarSync should not have been turned on. You could also open the app preferences and check that the settings are correct.

How do I reset my SugarSync?

If you want to use the SugarSync on Mac, make sure you are able to access the Internet. If it’s not working correctly, it may be because it’s still waiting for permission to access the Internet.

How do I sync SugarSync?

To sync your computer with the SugarSync desktop application, right click the SugarSync icon and click On the desktop. This will open the folder that you have sync with the computer.

How do I remove SugarSync from my Mac?

To move the cache folder delete it from /Users/youruser/Library/Safari/SugarSync. Delete the cache folder from the Trash. This will get you back to normal.

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