How Do I Retrieve A Deleted Email App?

Go to Gmail. Select this menu option at the top. Go to the Trash. You may find the missing email address here.

What happens if I delete the Mail app on my iPhone?

When you delete the Mail app, all the accounts linked to it will stay as inactive. The only way to reactivate them is to open the Settings application and select “Accounts & Passwords”. Finally, toggle on the switch next to Mail to reactivate your email account.

How do I recover permanently deleted emails from Apple Mail?

Start the Apple Mail application, then click the “Time Machine” icon on your system toolbar, which resembles a clock encircled by a circular arrow. Then, select “Enter Time Machine” and look in your mailboxes. If you find any deleted communications, then click “Restore”.

How do I recover permanently deleted emails from iCloud?

To read emails in iCloud, go to and sign in with your Apple ID. To view your deleted iCloud emails, go to the Trash. Select the Restore Option from the sidebar to view your deleted iCloud emails. To restore a deleted email, select it and use the Move button.

Can you delete the Mail app on iPhone?

To delete and reinstall the Mail app, hold down the Mail icon. Then tap the cog wheel icon and select Storage & cleanup. Tap the red trash can icon to delete the app. Then tap on the red circle on the top left of the screen to install it.

How do I restore an icon on my iPhone?

To remove the lock screen, go to settings > general > reset. Go to the options > reset home screen layout option after reaching home screen. You can press “OK” or “cancel” based on whether you wish to confirm or cancel your decision.

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