How Do I Send A Private Message On Stocktwits?

To reply to another user, you can just use “@username” so you are addressing another user.

How do you DM on StockTwits?

I usually don’t talk to many people at once, and since I don’t like to respond to multiple people at once, I use @mentions instead of DM’s.

What happens when you block someone on StockTwits?

When you block a user, they are no longer able to see your profile, searches, account, and messages.

Can you curse StockTwits?

StockTwits is a stock market service that allows users to post messages about stocks. The users can tag messages with vulgarity, or use profanity in their messages. This could get the StockTwits service banned. So the rules are pretty strict here.

How do you use StockTwits?

All Stream are a list of all the tweets, to prevent confusion just use the Tweet view and not the All Stream. When you click on any Tweet it will be loaded in the Tweet view.

How many messages do you get on StockTwits?

Stocktwits can find you some past charts that you may like.

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