How Do I Transfer My Xbox Live Account To Another Account?

From the settings menu, go to the account menu. Then go to “Your information”, then “Account security”. From this menu select “Microsoft account”. When prompted “Yes”, indicating that you have another Microsoft account to log in with.

Can I transfer Xbox Live membership to another account?

There is no way to switch or cancel a Gold membership. If you bought a one-year Gold membership, you can cancel it and receive a pro-rated refund. You can then give this new gold pass to your son. Inquire with Xbox Customer Support in your region.

Can you transfer your Xbox account to another Microsoft account?

It is not possible to move a game account to a new Microsoft account. When you move a game account, the funds in the old account do not transfer to the new account.

Can I transfer my Xbox Live account to a new email?

After you click “Your info” at the top of your screen, you need to add a new email address.

How do I merge Xbox Live accounts?

Microsoft will allow you to link your Xbox Live Gold membership on your Xbox One, but you will not be able to share your content across different consoles.

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